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Creating Quizzes


Creating quizzes and tests with starQuiz is easy.
With starQuiz, you're not restricted to a premade bank of tests. You can create your own examinations quickly and easily using starQuiz's well-designed quiz editor. Read on below for more information, but don't take our word for it—download a free demo today!

Intuitive, Simple Quiz Editor
Competing products have complex, confusing interfaces filled with unlabeled buttons and obscure options. With starQuiz, the number one value is simplicity. Our quiz editor has been painstakingly designed to be easy to use but also powerful, so that you can design the quizzes you want quickly and easily.

A question browser on the left allows you to quickly scroll through the quiz and jump to a question. Add a new question with one click of the + button, or search for an existing question in the search box.


Multiple Choice Made Easy
The foundation of almost any quiz: the ever-popular multiple choice question. starQuiz doesn't disappoint, with support for up to 26 choices via a "More choices..." button.

Looking for a challenge? The multiple select question type allows you to specify more than one choice as the correct answer, requiring students to check all the correct answers to receive full credit.


Fill in the Blank
It's also easy to create fill-in-the-blank questions, for which students must type a word or phrase to get credit. You can add multiple correct answers, such as "three" and "3", to ensure students get the right grade.

And if spelling isn't important to this test, simply choose the "Student can misspell" option and specify how close students have to be to receive credit. For the truly atrocious speller, you can even allow phonetic approximations through the "similar phrase" option.


Essays: Grading is a Snap
starQuiz includes a simple teacher-graded essay question type that allows students to type essays that you can grade at your convenience. The students' updated scores can even be emailed back to them when you finish.


Need to know that students really understand a concept? The matching question type lets you quickly type in words and matches that students must connect together. starQuiz has an easy-to-use match interface that lets you type matches without using the mouse, saving time and effort.


Scientists and Mathematicians Too
starQuiz isn't just for touchy-feely social sciences and languages. The numeric question type takes a simple number for an answer. For the sciences—or those math problems where you just need to be close enough—you can even specify an error range for partial or full credit.


Quiz Options
Some of the best features of starQuiz are tucked away in the Quiz Options screen. From this dialog, you can add a time limit to a quiz; automatically randomize the order of questions and choices to prevent cheating; specify advanced scoring options; and control how much a student is shown about their score with the click of a button. starQuiz may be simple, but it certainly isn't simplistic.


Question Options
Want to add some flashiness to your boring old quiz? The question options dialog is the place to go. From here, you can add any of a half-dozen types of resources: pictures, text, sounds, web links, and even movies.

And as a teacher, you know how frustrating it can be to explain a question dozens of times over. The Wrong Answer Explanation section solves that problem; students automatically see the text you enter here if they answer a question incorrectly.

Want to give it a try? You can download a free demo or purchase starQuiz now. Or contact us with any questions.