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Giving Tests

Refreshing Flexibility
After you've created your tests, starQuiz provides several options for giving them to students. No matter your preferences or circumstances, there's an ideal option for you. To learn about them, continue reading, or see them in action by downloading a free demo today.

On-Computer Quiz: Super-Simple
The simplest method for giving a quiz to students: the on-computer quiz. Simply click the "Give to Students" button, choose "Give quiz on this computer", save the results, and click OK. Instantly students can type their name into your computer and start taking their quiz.

While this method is quick and easy, only one student can take the quiz on your computer at a time. So starQuiz provides many other options as well.


Local Network Testing: Ultra-Secure
A popular choice for flexibility, security, and speed is the local network quiz. Simply start the quiz on your computer, which transforms itself into a server. Then students can connect using the free starQuiz NetClient software available from cosmicsoft.

This option requires you to install special software on the students' computers, but provides the best security since the desktop is completely locked down if you check the "Hide desktop" box in Quiz Options.


Web Based Testing: Fast, Easy, Convenient
The best part of starQuiz? You can instantly upload any quiz to the web for free. With the service, your quiz is uploaded automatically and made available over the Internet to any student with a standard web browser or starQuiz NetClient. Try it out for yourself; take a sample quiz.


HTML Web Page Quizzes
If your quiz is loaded with large resources, or if you simply prefer to upload a quiz to your own web space, starQuiz will create a stand-alone web page quiz for you. Even better, you don't sacrifice any security; unlike other computerized testing programs, the answers aren't stored within the file, ensuring that absolute security is preserved.


Print Quizzes
What if the campus network goes down just before first period? With other computerized testing programs, you'd be stuck. But starQuiz includes a first-rate printing feature that can print your final exam with one click.

starQuiz will even print multiple forms of a quiz with scrambled questions and choices to prevent cheating. And pictures and text resources print with no additional work.


Like what you see? You can download a free demo or purchase starQuiz now. Or contact us with any questions.