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Viewing Results

Unrivaled Power: Viewing the Results of a Quiz
Of course, testing students is only part of the equation. An important purpose of testing is to find out what areas of the curriculum need focus and improvement, and which topics students should review for future exams. On both counts, starQuiz provides all the tools you and your students need. Read on for more information or try a free demo today to see starQuiz in action.

Control at your Fingertips
The "control panel" that is displayed with every quiz provides you with basic information and tools to manage your quiz. From the Status pane, you can see the number of students, their average score, the status of ungraded essays, and control the status of the quiz. Does one more student need to take a makeup exam? Just click Restart and have them log on to the quiz. It's that simple.


Put an End to Cheating
No one wants to be constantly thinking about preventing and catching cheating. That's why starQuiz provides tools to detect cheating automatically. With starQuiz watching, you don't have to.


Information at a Glance
The most productive part of starQuiz? It's got to be the automatic grading and statistics capability. With one click, you can see the score for every student, sorted from highest to lowest, as well as every question, sorted from easiest to hardest. You can see which questions were most often missed and which students struggled with the latest exam. And printing a well-formatted student summary or question summary is as simple as clicking "Print".

If you have dozens of students or long exams, just start typing into the easy-to-use typeahead search box. Students and questions will be filtered as you type, making it easy to find the item you're looking for.

Finally, if you want more information on a student or question, just click the More Info button to see a detailed report.


Details: The Student Report
You can see everything about a student's results from the Student Report pane. The student's exact score is listed at the top, along with a summary of how many questions they answered correctly. Each question is listed, showing the student's answer and highlighting incorrect answers in red. For even more detail, double click a row and a dialog shows everything about the question.

The "Change Score" feature allows you to award partial or full credit for incorrect answers—misspellings, alternative answers, and so on. And to type a few words of encouragement or advice to the student about their score, just click the "Notes" button.


Analyze: The Question Report
If you need one demonstration of how powerful and useful starQuiz can be, look no further than the Question Report pane. In this section, you can choose a question and view every single student's answer at a single glance. Wondering why so many students missed a question? You can see the most popular wrong answers by just scrolling through the list.

For adjusting curriculum and correcting student misunderstandings, there's nothing like using starQuiz for analyzing test results.


Visualize: Graphs and Stats
To help you visualize the results of your quiz, starQuiz generates beautiful graphs that show the results in simple, bar-graph form. Compare student answers on a single question or print a graph showing the distribution of scores. And a full range of mathematical statistics are also available: mean, standard deviation, and median.

Take a look at some sample graphs and sample statistics. You can also view statistics for a question.


Never Type Scores Again
One of the best time-saving features in starQuiz is the ability to automatically transfer the scores from a quiz to a Gradekeeper computerized gradebook. Simple select your gradebook and type a name for the new assignment; starQuiz will match up the students by name, ask you to verify the export, and add the assignment.

If you use a different computerized gradebook, don't worry; starQuiz also includes an "Export Scores" feature that generates a text file with the students' scores. Just import that text file into your gradebook—no retyping necessary.


Sharing at the Push of a Button
To share the results with students, just click the "Share" button. A secure score report is automatically compiled and uploaded to the web for free. Students just need to click their name and enter their password to see their results, including a detailed question-by-question breakdown. This option is great for showing students their score after essay questions are graded.

You can even automatically email all the students a link directly to the sharing page, making notification easy.

Seen enough yet? You can download a free demo or purchase starQuiz now. Or contact us with any questions.