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starQuiz Server starQuiz Server

If your organization uses the starQuiz software for computerized testing, starQuiz Server is included with the purchase of a site license. starQuiz Server allows you to operate a network server for starQuiz; users can upload quizzes to a local server, making them available to students on the local intranet or the web.

starQuiz Server is similar to the service for single user licenses, but does not have a 5 MB resource limit.

starQuiz Server is based on powerful, tested open source software. With a PostgreSQL-based database server and a PHP-based quiz engine, you can be sure that your starQuiz Server will always be accessible by students and teachers alike.


Easy to Set Up and Maintain
starQuiz Server includes well-developed, easy to use tools for remote administration and setup. In addition, a full reference guide contains instructions for setting up your starQuiz Server.

The starQuiz Server software can be installed on a Windows or Macintosh server, so no matter which platform your organization uses, you'll be able to set up starQuiz Server easily and quickly.


Get starQuiz Server Now
starQuiz Server is included with the purchase of a starQuiz site license or district license. See the starQuiz purchase page for more information, or contact us with questions or comments.